Five Sure Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Service

car serviceIt is always important to repair small problems in your car as soon as you discover them. If these problems accumulate, they may force you to send your car to the workshop for a complete overhaul. This will cost a lot of money that could be avoided if measures were taken earlier. It is important to understand these signs to help you note any mechanical and physical changes in your vehicle


1.      Strange Noises

If you notice some strange noises produced by your car, do not assume anything. They could include irregular engine noise, unusual exhaust noise, squealing breaks when stepped on, and uneven sounds which seem to result from dragging wheels and under the bonnet. Each of these abnormal sounds is a clear sign that your car needs immediate assessment. See a specialist before the problem escalates.

2.      Steering Wheel Problems

It is not advisable to underestimate any single problem that you notice in your steering wheel. For instance, if you realize that there is some difficulty to steer your car or that it is imbalanced even when it’s in a neutral position, then, there is a problem. Do not wait until it worsens. Book an appointment with your specialist.

3.      Warning Lights on the Dashboard

car careThere are several problems that can be shown by flashing lights on your dashboard. For instance, the flashing of the yellow light indicates that one or several of the systems of your car have some mechanical problems. Since it is not possible to predict the exact problem, it is important to seek assistance from your expert mechanic as soon as possible. He will diagnose the car and uncover the real issue.

Besides, if you see a red flash on your brake fluid light after you step on the pedal, and you realize that there is a continuous illumination, this is an indication that your break system is experiencing some problems. It is very dangerous to continue driving your car in this state because brakes are the most significant safety feature. If it is not functioning well, your car is exposed to avoidable accidents.

4.      Smoke or Steam

If you notice that there is smoke that is coming from your bonnet, it is because the radiator is overheating. This smoke or steam has a white color. Although this does not imply immediate danger, if it escalates, the problem could get worse. Therefore, it is important to check the temperature gauge of your car. If it reads maximum temperature, remove it and wait for it to cool. Ideally, the needle should always remain at the center of the gauge. However, blue smoke is an indication of a mechanical problem that results from burning oil. If the smoke exceeds normal, then it is a sign that there is an oil leakage. The problems associated with this issue are wearing of pistons and their rings, valve seals that are worn, and the failure of head gasket.

5.      Abnormal shaking and Vibration

Usually, this happens as a result of wearing of break discs and pads. The signs could also indicate worn tyres. Ensure you always check your tyres to confirm even wearing. It is also important to take your car for servicing before this problem worsens.


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