Common Bad Habits that Damage Your Car

daMAGED CARYour car is probably one of your most expensive valuables. It is also among those possessions you depend heavily for convenience. You should thus take macimum care on it to avoid breakdown and issues such as towing service. Therefore, it is a common guess everybody wants their vehicle to provide maximum service for lasting longer than it is even expected! Thus, as a car owner, you must avoid several driving habits that are deemed destructive to your vehicle. The following are seven such habits.



Ignoring Parking Brake

It is always important to use the parking brake even in cases when you think it is not very necessary. Always note that the car is designed in a way that it has an automatic transmission, so, failing to use the brakes puts immense pressure on the transmission. This is because whatever is holding the whole weight is the little-sized parking pawl, which gets damaged after the extended habit.


Shifting your gear into Reverse and Drive before it stops completely

This mostly happens in an automatic transmission car. If you force the transmission to do unusual things that it is not accustomed or intended to do, it is very easy to damage both shafts and suspension. Therefore, whenever and wherever you park your car, do not forget to use your parking brakes. Read your owner’s manual for more on this.


Ignoring the communication of your car

Typically, your car will not make unusual or odd sounds unless it has some mechanical problems. Therefore, when you hear a strange sound, you should know that there is something your car is “telling” you. If you ignore, it will only get worse. So, you need to see your mechanic as soon as your car ‘communicates’ a problem.


Carrying unnecessarily heavy loads

Heavy loadCarrying a load is not wrong for your car. However, if you force it to carry excess weight, you obviously know what will happen. You put an unnecessary pressure, probably one that should be meant for a truck. It is very likely you will damage the suspension and loosen other parts of the car.


Overusing breaks downhill

One of the quickest ways to wear down your breaks is to overuse them. Sometimes when you are driving downhill, avoid riding the breaks throughout. It is instead advisable to drive in a lower gear that slows the movement of your car.


Sudden and random stops

This is a bad habit that can damage your car very quickly. It is not advisable to regularly slam your car brakes or the gas pedal. Starting and stopping should always be a gradual process, well, unless you are faced with an emergency, which of course doesn’t happen every time.


Riding the clutch

If your car has a manual transmission, it is wrong to keep your clutch engaged for long, especially when you are not shifting your gears or braking. Usually, this practice destroys the hydraulic system of your car because it forces the flywheel to meet the pressure plates, which ultimately wears down the whole system. Therefore, try to minimize the use of your clutch to the only occasions it is required.

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